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Radon Remediation

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Passive radon mitigation systems have become a common feature when a new home is being built, but do these systems work? In short, yes, passive radon mitigation systems work and can be effective at removing radon gas from homes. But passive mitigation systems have some drawbacks with regards …
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Radon poses a serious threat to thousands of Americans, being the second-leading cause of lung cancer. That threat is the reason that getting your home tested by a professional is essential. But what about removing or preventing radon from entering your home? Radon-Rid, LLC explains the vario…
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Radon resistant construction is a term you hear used a lot these days, especially in the state of Pennsylvania. With the rise of research pointing towards radon as the cause for many different health issues, including lung cancer, industry and government have shifted to figure out how to hand…
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Radon and radon remediation have become important topics around the United States in the last decade as more and more information is being discovered about the adverse health effects of radon. With the number of homes in Pennsylvania, and countrywide, affected by radon gas, many contractors a…
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Did you know that every year 21,000 deaths are related to radon gas? The unintentional inhalation of radon gas is now the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The odorless, noxious gas can seep into a home from contaminated soil through foundations and other points of con…
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Radon testing can be done fairly easily and reliably with a kit, either by a homeowner or a radon testing company. However, once a homeowner becomes aware that his/her home is testing at high radon levels, we recommend calling a professional radon remediation specialist. So many factors are i…
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Homeowners, especially parents with young children, will be especially keen to seek radon remediation if the gas is found in their homes at dangerous levels. Though a major step is finding a qualified radon remediation expert, many homeowners may worry about the expense.
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A qualified radon service provider understands the seriousness of radon gas and the threat of long-term exposure which can and often does lead to respiratory issues like lung cancer. Studies in the effects of radon gas on human health have led the US EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) a…
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Radon is present in many homes across the country and the state of Pennsylvania is no exception. In fact, homes in Pennsylvania counties with higher than acceptable levels of radon are fairly common, as is radon remediation (mitigation). Radon gas can be present in an existing home or in a br…
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Basement renovations are a very popular type of home improvement here in Pennsylvania. After all, with just a fair investment, homeowners can sometimes double the size of their home by simply transforming the space underneath their floor into another livable floor. Yet doing so comes with its own…

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