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Radon Remediation in New Home Construction or Renovation

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Radon prevention and radon remediation in new-home construction or remediation - Radon-Rid, LLCRadon and radon remediation have become important topics around the United States in the last decade as more and more information is being discovered about the adverse health effects of radon. With the number of homes in Pennsylvania, and countrywide, affected by radon gas, many contractors are becoming informed and using radon-reducing building methods.

Radon remediation is very important in the construction industry, because radon has been identified as one of the leading causes of lung cancer in non-smokers in the entire country, so homeowners are concerned. Innovation has resulted some great new building materials, different ways to handle and get rid of radon gas. As you are building or renovating, you may want to consider how you can protect your client.

New Construction Materials For Radon Reduction

New materials and fan systems can help to keep radon outside of the home. New techniques can also help protect consumers. For example, a 4 inch layer of gravel under the slab can make radon entry into a home more difficult. Building passive units into a home that can be activated if necessary at a later date may be a selling point for your new construction. Prevention is now an important part of dealing with radon, and the EPA estimates that using radon resistant materials and techniques can reduce radon levels by up to 50%.

Radon Levels in Pennsylvania

Radon levels can be high anywhere, but some areas have been determined by the EPA and the US Geological Survey to be more prone to high levels than others. Some areas have been grouped into 3 zones. The EPA recommends that all homes in Zone 1 have some type of radon reduction system. Pennsylvania has 49 counties listed in Zone 1, including Montgomery, Lehigh, and Lancaster Counties.

Contractors are unlikely to be held responsible for a home’s radon remediation, unless a new home is found to have a problem during inspection. Showing a homeowner that their home is safe, and that you have taken steps to make the home safe, will be a benefit to you in the long run.

Radon-Rid, LLC Offers Professional Radon Testing You Can Count On

Radon inspection may sound like a major undertaking, but a professional certified specialist like Radon-Rid, LLC knows the best methods for each home type, and the cost is low relative to other home improvement projects. Keep informed of the newest materials and building techniques, have professional guidance available when needed, and your clients will thank you. Contact Radon-Rid, LLC for more information about radon prevention and safety today.

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