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Radon Inspection Services

Radon inspection can help homeowners recognize the need to mitgate radon levels.
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Radon-Rid, LLC is a professional radon inspection and remediation contractor. We affordably and reliably perform radon tests on homes where homeowners are concerned about highly concentrated levels of radon. Radon inspection is the process of ensuring your home radon remediation system is working properly and keeping your family safe. To learn more about our radon testing process, please go to our Radon Testing page.

What Harm Can Radon Cause?

Radon is toxic and has been shown to put exposed persons at risk for developing lung cancer. In fact, radon gas exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking! Radon can also cause or exacerbate other lung conditions, especially in children.

What is the Process for Radon Inspection?

Radon inspection is when a home or building has an existing remediation system and issues arise. While radon mitigation systems as a whole require little maintenance or care, some problems can occur. These problems may be found when the homeowner is able to hear that equipment has stopped working, or through testing, has learned that the radon levels are higher than expected.

Inspection of a radon system can include:

  • Inspecting Equipment
  • Repairing Components
  • Replacement of the System

What Problems Can Occur With a Radon Remediation System?

One of the first tasks we do when inspecting a mitigation system is to examine the components. For example, we will examine the fan, which prevents radon from leaking back into the home, to see if it is running smoothly. We also check other components like the stack and make sure the system is up to the current code.

Element of mitigation system that can be checked during radon inspection | Radon-Rid, LLCWhat else could cause radon levels to be high even when you have a remediation system?

The system could be inactive. Many builders install passive systems and these can be converted to active systems if radon levels are too high.

The system could be outdated or insufficient for the size or layout of a home. This is especially true if the home is old and home expansion has been performed over time, the system may just be unequal to the task. Even in a new home, however, an inexperienced installer could improperly determine the kind of system needed for a home.

The radon system exhaust could be improperly placed. If the exhaust location is near a window or other opening, the radon-filled air could enter the home again from that opening.

To bring a mitigation system back to working a condition, a comprehensive inspection of the equipment and components will help radon professionals target and solve the problem. After a thorough inspection, we will repair any components we can. Ideally, the mitigation components will be preserved as much as possible, to keep costs low for you. In the event that a certain component is unable to be repaired, or we find the system inadequate for your home, we will recommend replacing the system.

Regular testing is relatively inexpensive and can help homeowners have peace of mind that equipment is performing properly. The EPA recommends having radon inspection done every two years because levels can change. Changes in soil density, construction, and other factors can cause radon levels to rise. If you test your home for radon every two years, you will have fair warning, and time to reduce levels, before you and your family have been exposed for too long. When issues do come up, homeowners should contact a professional immediately to determine the cause.

Radon-Rid, LLC Provides Certified Radon Inspection

Radon levels can usually be lowered through a mitigation system. To make your home a safe place to live, your mitigation system needs to be functioning properly. Have you learned that your radon levels are high even though you have an existing system? Radon-Rid, LLC is a radon testing, inspection and remediation company, with certified professionals who can inspect and test your existing system to keep you safe. We can also provide you a thorough radon inspection report. Contact us today to schedule your radon inspection!

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