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​Radon-Rid, LLC is a Radon Testing and Radon Remediation Company in Southeastern PA

Radon gas is a risk for many homes in southeastern PA and radon testing is a necessary action for homes and commercial buildings. As a homeowner, potential buyer, builder, or real estate broker it is imperative that you understand what risk radon poses to you, your family, or your clients. Radon-Rid LLC’s certified radon specialists are committed to protecting PA homes through radon testing and radon remediation.

Do You Need a Radon Testing or Radon Remediation Company?

Our radon testing and radon remediation company services are committed to detecting radon and improving home safety. To uphold customer satisfaction policies we offer on-site walkthroughs to trace radon levels and will provide remediation when needed. Our contemporary equipment, experienced specialists, and expert knowledge of radon promises reliable testing done correctly.

Do You Know Radon Facts?

  • According to an EPA Assessment of Risks from Radon in Homes by the Office of Radiation and Indoor Air, 12% of lung cancer-related deaths in non-smoking men and women.
  • The EPA and former United States Surgeon General urge all homeowners to test for indoor radon levels.
  • Radon can be found in new homes and old homes — regardless if your home is insulated or drafty, with and without basements — any home is a possible target for radon.

Myth vs. Fact: Know The Truth

Radon – The Silent Killer

What is Radon? Are you at risk?

  • Why test for Radon?
  • Radon in your home

What can you do?

How Does Radon Induce Lung Cancer?

  • When radon gas is inhaled into the lungs, radon decay products become lodged or trapped in the lung lining, where alpha particles radiate and penetrate the cells of the mucous membranes, bronchi, and other pulmonary tissues. It is believed that it is the ionizing radiation from these alpha particles that affect the bronchial epithelial cells…
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Radon In Your Home 

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