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More and more homeowners are testing for radon in 2020. What is causing this shift in homeowner behavior and the demand for more home radon testing? Since homeowners are using their homes as offices now more than ever, and more people are aware of radon’s dangers, the demand for testing has incre…
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If you are a homeowner looking to keep your family safe from radon, one of the leading causes of lung cancer, hiring a professional radon testing and remediation company is the solution. Radon testing professionals will produce the most accurate results, due to their knowledge of testing vari…
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When people are looking to buy a home, some will ask themselves or others, “Is radon testing necessary?” In short, yes, radon testing is necessary if you are planning on buying a new home. But many people are still unaware of both the presence of radon and the dangers radon poses.
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Passive radon mitigation systems have become a common feature when a new home is being built, but do these systems work? In short, yes, passive radon mitigation systems work and can be effective at removing radon gas from homes. But passive mitigation systems have some drawbacks with regards …
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Many homeowners wonder, “How does radon gas cause cancer?” upon learning about the presence of the radioactive gas for the first time. That question is understandable since many Pennsylvania homeowners are surprised by the presence of radon in their homes. By damaging the lungs through radiat…
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The first step to making sure your home is safe for your family is to have radon testing performed since radon can exist in any building, whether old or new. Radon-Rid, LLC explains the process for radon testing, which can include long and short term testing.
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Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, with up to 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year attributed to radon. Knowing the dangers of radon, homeowners should also know that some regions and households are more susceptible than others due to factors like local geolo…
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Radon-Rid, LLC is committed to protecting the health and safety of our customers and staff. With COVID-19 presenting major health concerns, we have temporarily suspended our radon testing and mitigation services until further notice. We have been answering phone and email messages, but we are…
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Why are Pennsylvania radon levels in homes so high? Indoor radon levels are dependent upon the distribution of uranium-rich rocks and soils and the porousness of the earth, near a home. Pennsylvania happens to have a high distribution of these uranium-rich rocks and soils. Different homes, ev…
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Many factors can be considered when a customer is trying to establish the competitive advantage of using one company’s services over another. Price, of course is a major one, and customer service is another. When comparing radon testing and inspection companies, what factors do you look for?

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