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Get a Qualified Certified Radon Contractor to Perform Your Radon Testing and Mitigation

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A qualified radon service provider understands the seriousness of radon gas and the threat of long-term exposure which can and often does lead to respiratory issues like lung cancer. Studies in the effects of radon gas on human health have led the US EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and state health department to strongly recommend all that all home buyers, sellers, and residents undergo radon testing. While radon testing can be done with testing kits bought at a local hardware or similar store, experts recommend consulting with a qualified radon contractor who can provide mitigation if necessary.

What is a Qualified Radon Contractor?

Qualified radon contractors have undergone rigorous training and testing to prove that they are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how best to test buildings for radon, as well as implement the right mitigation procedures to reduce and/or eliminate the build-up of radon in an indoor atmosphere. A contractor who has undergone radon certification is equipped to handle the following types of radon activities:

  • Radon testing, which involves proper placing and retrieving of radon testing devices, analysis of continuous monitors, and analysis of electric ion chambers used in the process
  • Radon mitigation, which involves knowing how to read a home’s layout and radon concentration and understanding which mitigation technique will be most effective given the unique circumstances

To become certified, contractors must:

  • Undergo comprehensive courses
  • Pass a rigorous national certification exam
  • Perform regular quality assurance procedures
  • Submit proof of annual instrument calibration and performance evaluations
  • Meet continuing education requirements

In addition, because radon technology and mitigation solutions are constantly evolving, professionals must undergo retesting every two years to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest in industry knowledge and technologies.

What to Look For in Radon Mitigation Companies

Those researching potential radon contractors should ask for proof that contractors are listed on the National or State Certified list and that they have a Liability and Workers Compensation insurance certificate. This ensures that should an accident occur on the property, the contractor will be liable and the property owner will be protected. Experienced contractors will also offer their clients a list of previous work references and recommendations to prove their experience in the field.

Additionally, because some radon mitigation efforts require the installment of a large venting equipment, radon contracting firms work directly with a licensed and insured electrician. Home buyers, sellers, or owners seeking to hire a professional radon testing firm should inquire about this aspect of the installation process as well.

Radon-Rid, LLC’s Professionals are Certified in Radon Testing and Radon Inspection

When family safety is concerned, homeowners want to know that they are getting the best. Our qualified and certified radon testing and radon mitigation professionals are dedicated to helping ensure your family’s safety. Contact us today for a consultation.

PA HIC Cert. # PA047660C
Mitigation Cert #2586
Testing Cert #2585

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