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radon testing

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A qualified radon service provider understands the seriousness of radon gas and the threat of long-term exposure which can and often does lead to respiratory issues like lung cancer. Studies in the effects of radon gas on human health have led the US EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) a…
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Pennsylvania’s Montgomery and Chester counties are wonderful places to start and raise families. These areas are renowned for having superior school systems, outstanding parks and recreation opportunities, and safe neighborhoods with low crime statistics. However, sometimes dangers and hazard…
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With all of the information about radon gas and the need for radon gas testing in Pennsylvania counties, you may wonder, “Do all homes have radon?” The answer that many homes have no problem with radon gas. The average level of radon in the air outside, according to the EPA, is 0.4 pCi/L (pic…
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When a home is being sold, a test for the presence of radon gas is important. Whether your client is the seller or a buyer, you should recommend that they have the home tested for radon gas. Why? You want the home tested because high radon gas levels can be mitigated, but only if you know abo…
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With the colder weather outside, many homeowners plan winter and early spring renovations to capitalize on downtime, enhance their enjoyment of their home, and improve the property’s value if they are preparing to sell in the new year. If you are similarly planning on breaking ground and reno…

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