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Homeowners Should Get Radon Testing to Protect Families

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homeowners should have radon testing done to protect families - RadonRidPennsylvania’s Montgomery and Chester counties are wonderful places to start and raise families. These areas are renowned for having superior school systems, outstanding parks and recreation opportunities, and safe neighborhoods with low crime statistics. However, sometimes dangers and hazards are prevalent in even what appears on the outside to be the safest of regions and within the most secure of homes. One such danger, radon gas, can be mitigated if you perform radon testing and learn that the gas is present at unsafe levels in your home.

The Hazards of Radon Gas

Radon gas is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that extensive studies have shown to be the second-leading cause of lung cancer — causing as much as seven times more deaths by lung cancer than second-hand smoke. The biggest issue with radon gas is that humans are unable to see, taste, or smell the gas. The second biggest issue is that because radon gas is naturally-occurring, many residents may be unaware they have a problem until too late. The gas is a result of uranium breaking down in the soil and seeping into homes and garages via buildings’ foundations.

Radon Testing & Protecting Those You Love

The good news is radon testing is an easy and effective way to check your home for the presence of radon. Montgomery and Chester County residents can either purchase a DIY radon test kit online or in local hardware stores or for more reliable and accurate results, have a professional home inspector complete a more thorough inspection. When choosing a professional, be sure that you check references and hire someone who is well-qualified.

A checklist offered by the EPA can be very helpful for those performing the testing themselves. The test should be performed for a minimum of 48 hours and for any period under 7 days, the EPA recommends that closed house conditions be maintained.

To have closed house conditions, you must keep all doors and windows closed, except for normal and necessary entrances and exits. No fans should be used that bring outside air into the house, except small exhaust fans that run intermittently or radon remediation -reduction system fans. The test can be invalidated by failure to maintain the closed house conditions.

Experienced home inspectors will use specialized radon testing tools like a calibrated radon measurement device to determine the fluctuations of radon levels a space may have over a period of time. These tools are quick and effective, allowing homeowners and renters to get reliable answers as to whether their home has radon.

Act Fast for Best Effects

If your home radon testing or professional radon expert determines that radon levels are too high, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the problem is fixable. Relatively inexpensive specialty radon remediation systems are available to reduce current levels of radon and prevent against future buildups of radon gas.

Getting rid of radon gas as quickly as possible is important for the health of everyone living in a residence, regardless of age. However, because children are in a heightened state of growing in which their bodies are developing at a much higher rate than adults, their lungs are particularly vulnerable. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that the higher breathing rates and more quickly dividing cells in children lead them to be more susceptible than adults to radon-induced cancer. These results and others highlight why radon testing and radon mitigation is so important if your family includes children of any age.

Radon-Rid, LLC Offers Professional and Accurate Radon Testing and Inspection

Homeowners, especially those with children, should get radon testing performed in their homes. For professional radon testing, Radon-Rid, LLC is a trusted name in Pennsylvania. Our specially trained technicians perform accurate testing, and when necessary, they will recommend the best method of remediation for the home. Contact Radon-Rid, LLC today for more information.

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