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What Realtors® Need to Know About Radon Testing: How Do You Know if Your Clients’ Home Has Radon Gas?

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When a home is being sold, a test for the presence of radon gas is important. Whether your client is the seller or a buyer, you should recommend that they have the home tested for radon gas. Why? You want the home tested because high radon gas levels can be mitigated, but only if you know about them. As a seller, testing for radon and mitigating if necessary can be a selling point for the home. In our area, many homes have radon gas at higher than acceptable levels. If your home already has a remediation system in place, buyers have one less thing to worry about.

Buyers have a vested interest in having a home tested for radon gas. If the home they purchase has high levels of radon, they will be living in a hazardous environment. Realtors® who recommend testing to their clients show responsibility and concern for them. If the gas levels are checked before purchasing, the buyer can ask the seller to remediate as a condition of sale.

How Do You Test for Radon Gas?

One way to test for radon gas presence is to get an inexpensive kit from a local hardware store. These kits require homeowners to get a sample of the home air, via a special device, and send the sample to a company who will send results within a couple of weeks.

You can also call a professional radon testing and remediation company to perform the testing for you. Be sure you hire someone qualified with a reputable company.

The EPA offers a checklist regarding the testing procedure, particularly helpful for those performing the testing themselves. Mostly the instructions are related to maintaining the proper conditions. The test should be performed for a minimum of 48 hours and for any period under 7 days, the EPA recommends that closed house conditions be maintained.

Closed house conditions involve keeping doors and windows closed, except for normal entrances and exits. No fans should be used that bring outside air into the house, except small exhaust fans that run sporadically or radon remediation -reduction system fans. Failure to maintain closed house conditions can invalidate the test.

Radon-Rid, LLC Offers Professional and Accurate Radon Testing and Inspection

Realtors, especially those serving buyers, should insist on a professional test for radon in order to protect their clients’ best interests. For professional radon testing, Radon-Rid, LLC is a trusted name in Pennsylvania. Our specially trained technicians will perform accurate testing, and if the radon levels are too high in a home, they will recommend the best method of remediation for the home. Contact Radon-Rid, LLC today for more information.

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