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What Is Radon Resistant Construction?

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Radon resistant construction is a term you hear used a lot these days, especially in the state of Pennsylvania. With the rise of research pointing towards radon as the cause for many different health issues, including lung cancer, industry and government have shifted to figure out how to hand…

Is There A Link Between Radon And Blood Cancer In Women?

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Radon is a gas emitted from soil or rocks that can enter into buildings through cracks in the floors or walls or in joints around pipes, wires or pumps. Every house is different, so each home has to be tested individually. Over the last few years research has linked radon gas exposure to bloo…

Radon-Rid, LLC Explains Long-Term Testing vs. Short-Term Testing

Written by Radon-Rid, LLC on . Posted in , .
Pennsylvania has seen a larger than average amount of homes with elevated radon levels in recent years; both officials and the public are concerned. This uptick in radon levels is the reason testing has become a top priority: to keep the general public safe. Short-term radon testing is a way …

Radon Remediation in New Home Construction or Renovation

Written by Radon-Rid, LLC on . Posted in , .
Radon and radon remediation have become important topics around the United States in the last decade as more and more information is being discovered about the adverse health effects of radon. With the number of homes in Pennsylvania, and countrywide, affected by radon gas, many contractors a…

Radon-Rid, LLC Discusses Why Contractors Should Get Radon Testing For Homes

Written by Radon-Rid, LLC on . Posted in , .
As a contractor, you have to be aware of protecting yourself and, of course, the clients you are working with. Countless things could cause issues when you are building a new home or repairing an older one. Radon has been a well-documented issue in Pennsylvania for a number of years now, and …

Radon-Rid, LLC Explores Bill Promoting Mandatory Radon Testing In Schools

Written by Radon-Rid, LLC on . Posted in , , .
For years we have heard rumblings about having nationally mandated radon testing carried out in schools. Now, a bill in the House is aimed at introducing the subject in the state of Pennsylvania. While this particular bill may leave some issues unaddressed, many see the bill as a sign of thin…

Radon Levels Are on the Rise So Call Radon-Rid, LLC for Radon Inspection

Written by Radon-Rid, LLC on . Posted in , .
Worried about the health of your loved ones? Lung cancer, caused by the inhalation of the radioactive gas, radon, is claiming almost 21,000 lives every year! Call professionals for a radon inspection and get your home tested.

Radon-Rid, LLC Discusses Whether Builders Are Liable for Radon Gas in Homes

Written by Radon-Rid, LLC on . Posted in , .
Did you know that every year 21,000 deaths are related to radon gas? The unintentional inhalation of radon gas is now the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The odorless, noxious gas can seep into a home from contaminated soil through foundations and other points of con…

Radon-Rid, LLC Earns 2018 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Written by Radon-Rid, LLC on . Posted in , .
Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service Phoenixville, PA – Jan 22, 2019– Radon-Rid, LLC is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award (SSA) for the ninth year in a row. This award honors service profes…

Radon-Rid, LLC Answers the Question: Is DIY Radon Remediation a Good Idea?

Written by Radon-Rid, LLC on . Posted in , .
Radon testing can be done fairly easily and reliably with a kit, either by a homeowner or a radon testing company. However, once a homeowner becomes aware that his/her home is testing at high radon levels, we recommend calling a professional radon remediation specialist. So many factors are i…

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