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Is There A Link Between Radon And Blood Cancer In Women?

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magnifying glass look at article about cancer in newspaper - radon and blood cancer link discussed by radon-ridRadon is a gas emitted from soil or rocks that can enter into buildings through cracks in the floors or walls or in joints around pipes, wires or pumps. Every house is different, so each home has to be tested individually.

Over the last few years research has linked radon gas exposure to blood cancer, specifically, in women. We have known for many years that radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer and that other health risks exist, so continued testing and monitoring has taken place. Links between exposure to radon and blood cancer in women have been found. Notably, the gas has been linked to myeloma, a rare form of blood cancer.

What Is The Link Between Radon And Blood Cancer In Women?

In 2016 the American Cancer Association (ACA) released the results of a 20-year study on the link between radon and blood cancer with some fairly concerning statistics. Close to 150,000 people were monitored in this research, and the ACA itself says that more peer-reviewed research will be crucial, but the numbers point towards a growing concern for hematologic cancer.

This study’s results indicated that women who lived in counties with the highest radon levels were 63 percent more likely to develop blood cancers than those in counties with the lowest radon levels. The study noted no link seen among men and radon exposure. Estimates are that forty percent of buildings and homes in Pennsylvania fall above the recommended safety guidelines set out by the EPA for radon exposure.

Be Proactive and Start With Radon Testing

This research and the corresponding paper state that this is just the beginning when looking at the link between radon and blood cancer. A lot more research needs to be completed but in the meantime, people need to take action to protect themselves. You have many options such as radon-safe construction, radon testing, and if needed, radon remediation, to protect you and your family.

Since the health issues that are caused by radon gas exposure occur over time, the research required will take time and with health issues, especially cancer, time is of the essence. Homeowners need to be proactive with protecting themselves and family members from radon. The first step is to have radon testing performed.

Contact Radon-Rid, LLC to Help Prevent Possible Radon Gas Exposure

The EPA recommends action be taken if radon levels in your home are at or above 4 pCi/L (pico Curies per Liter). Enjoy peace of mind about radon. Contact Radon-Rid, LLC to schedule radon testing and learn if radon levels are high enough in your home to require remediation.

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