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Summer Closed Home Conditions Could Increase Radon Gas Concerns for Homeowners

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Mom Dad and kids smiling - summer could increase radon gas concerns for homeownersSummer is finally here and families with children are spending as much time doing fun outdoor activities together as possible. However, with the summer season comes hot weather that forces homeowners to close their windows and run air conditioning systems. That cool comfort is a relief, and essential when the temperatures rise too high, but in homes that have radon gas, the closed conditions can cause radon levels to rise dangerously, and thus increase radon gas concerns for homeowners.

Radon gas is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, so homeowners can have radon gas in their homes without knowing. This radioactive gas resides in the soil and rock under your home that naturally rises up from the soil and rock in the ground beneath a home and rises up into, and through, the foundation. When people are exposed to the gas and inhale the particles, the cellular linings of the lungs are impacted. Lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses, like asthma, can occur or become worse due to radon gas exposure. Radon gas has become the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, causing as many as 21,000 deaths every year. The American Lung Association estimates that 1 of every 15 homes is at risk of dangerous levels of the gas.

Though radon can be found in homes all over the United States, many counties in Pennsylvania have seen a high level of homes at risk of elevated levels. Elevated radon gas levels, defined by the EPA as 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) or higher, have been estimated to be a risk for 33% of Montgomery County homes, 43% of Chester County homes, and 59% of Berks County homes, which are just a few of our local Pennsylvania counties

The EPA offers a Citizen’s Guide to Radon that details important steps for homeowners to help alleviate radon gas as a major concern for the homeowners and their loved ones. Read the guide and take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your family.

Radon-Rid, LLC’s Testing and Inspection for Radon Gas Offers Peace of Mind to Homeowners and Families

Any radon gas presence, but especially seasonal spikes due to closed up homes, increase radon gas concerns for homeowners. Fortunately, testing is relatively easy and today’s remediation systems are very effective. Next month, we will cover details about how homeowners can test for the presence of radon. Radon-Rid, LLC offers complete radon testing, mitigation, and radon gas remediation services to rid homes of this toxic gas. For information or a free consultation, contact us at (610) 624-6585.


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