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How Dangerous is Radon Gas?

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Home with garage and front yard - Radon gas can seep in through foundations and cracks - Radon-Rid, LLCRadon may be undetectable to human senses, but the gas is still around us so how dangerous is radon gas? Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found in rocks, soil, and water as a result of thorium and uranium breaking down. Trace amounts of radon are released into the air as those elements break down. Radon can then seep into homes built on natural soil through foundation cracks, slab joints, and the water supply.

Minute amounts of radon are mostly harmless to humans, experts say, but long-term exposure can result in dangerous health consequences. The cells lining a person’s lungs can be damaged which exposes them to a greater risk of lung cancer. Approximately 21,000 people die of radon-induced lung cancer every year, which is around 100 times more than those caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

While radon gas exposure could cause other types of cancer, Dr. Alan Mensch, pulmonologist and Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs and Medical Director at Plainview Hospital, has said that except for, “… leukemia, lung cancer is the only malignancy associated with radon exposure.”

The odorless, colorless, tasteless nature of radon, along with the years of exposure needed to feel the effects, is precisely what makes radon dangerous, deadly and difficult to prevent. The safest way to know whether your home is affected by high levels of radon is to get your house professionally tested.

A Case Study in the Dangers of Radon

Rachael Malmberg is a former hockey player for the U.S. national women’s hockey team. In April of 2017, she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer caused by decades of radon gas exposure in her childhood and family home. Malmberg did manage to get treatment and continues targeted therapy to this day. Malmberg has gone on to raise awareness of radon and encourage others to get their home tested to mitigate the effects of radon.

Contact Radon-Rid, LLC for Radon Gas Testing and Mitigation

How dangerous is radon gas? Once you know, you will understand the value of testing and remediation to protect yourself and your family. Radon-Rid, LLC has skilled specialists that are committed to making the homes of Pennsylvania residents safe. We are certified and insured, and have a great deal of experience testing for radon and installing the appropriate radon remediation systems. For information about our services or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.


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