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Test Before You Buy: Radon Test a New Home Purchase

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Have a professional certified specialist radon test a new home before you purchase - image of new home for sale - Radon-Rid, LLCIf you are in the market for a new home, you have already considered countless factors. One important yet often overlooked activity is to radon test a new home you are considering purchasing. Radon is an invisible, colorless, odorless gas that seeps into homes from the soil. Radon is radioactive due to being the byproduct of broken-down uranium and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

If you are currently looking into a new home, whether building a new one or buying an older one, you should get the house tested for radon before you buy, and mitigate radon levels if needed. Below are some considerations when testing a new home for radon.

The Home Has Already Been Tested for Radon

If the seller did radon test your new home, you may either accept the earlier test result or ask the seller to do a new test. If the seller did conduct a previous test, consider the results, who conducted it, where and when the test was taken within the house, and any structural or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) changes.

The Home Has Yet To Be Tested for Radon

If the house is lacking a previous test, discuss having a radon test done by a certified professional with the seller. A professional will have gone through all the training and be able to determine the best testing methods for your new home. Make sure you conduct the test as soon as possible. The test should be done on the lowest level of the house that will used regularly.

Currently, no federal or state laws require sellers to test homes for radon, so make sure that you ask the seller to conduct a test or ask to see the results of a previous test.

Building a New Home

home construction site- radon rid discusses why contractors should get radon testing doneBut what if you are choosing to build a new home; can you still test for and mitigate radon? Yes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that the main benefits to installing radon mitigation systems during construction are:

  • Upgrading an existing system later is easier
  • Costs are reduced by adding radon-resistant features rather than trying to solve an issue later
  • Energy efficiency is increased and costs are lower in the long-run
  • Chances of being exposed to high radon levels are reduced

Contact Radon-Rid, LLC to Help You Radon Test A New Home

Whether you are buying an existing home or building a new one, radon testing is crucial to ensure the safety of you and your family. Our certified, specially trained technicians will provide accurate testing and work with you to install the best radon mitigation system for your new home. To radon test your new home, or for more information, contact Radon-Rid, LLC today.

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