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radon levels

Learn Your County Radon Levels To Stay Safe from Radon

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Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, with up to 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year attributed to radon. Knowing the dangers of radon, homeowners should also know that some regions and households are more susceptible than others due to factors like local geolo…

Why Pennsylvania Radon Levels Are High and How to Test Your Home

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Why are Pennsylvania radon levels in homes so high? Indoor radon levels are dependent upon the distribution of uranium-rich rocks and soils and the porousness of the earth, near a home. Pennsylvania happens to have a high distribution of these uranium-rich rocks and soils. Different homes, ev…

Are Radon Levels Higher In Winter? How Seasons Affect Radon

Written by Radon-Rid, LLC on . Posted in , , .
The cold, snowy winter months are fully here, and one of the questions we get asked most often during this time is: are radon levels higher in winter? To answer that question, yes, radon levels in a home tend to be higher during the winter. And those higher levels of radon gas can lead to an …

Test Radon Levels Before Your Basement Renovation

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With the colder weather outside, many homeowners plan winter and early spring renovations to capitalize on downtime, enhance their enjoyment of their home, and improve the property’s value if they are preparing to sell in the new year. If you are similarly planning on breaking ground and reno…

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