Will Radon Leaders Ski Tahoe this winter?

Radon Leaders at the EPA should be aware that Lake Tahoe is classified as a moderate radon region on the Official (but old) EPA Radon Map while the recent California Geologic Survey radon map of Tahoe shows a “very high” radon potential. Since building departments, real estate hazard reports and even USGBC’s LEED green building certification program uses the old EPA radon map, little is required in the way of radon mitigation in this high radon area. The Sierra Green Building Association (SiGBA) ran my article on the “radon map problem” in their recent newsletter:


Either LEED, the National Association of Realtors, and local building departments should use more local, recent and accurate radon maps or the EPA should update their old-and-in-the-way national radon map. So far, it’s easier to use inaccurate data than change the system.

Jeff Miner
Radon At Tahoe