Use Chemicals Safely!

Hey Pick 5’ers, it’s time again for you to share what you’ve done and how you did it.  If you haven’t done it yet, Pick 5 for the Environment and then come back to comment. Today we cover action #7: Use Chemicals Safely! Please share your stories as comments below.

After reading more about chemicals, I realize the harm I was bringing to my home. Because my oven isn’t a self cleaning oven, I have to clean it myself. When cleaning my oven I was unaware of the danger of the chemicals. I always use a spray oven cleaner along with gloves. But what I never knew was how harmful it is for pets. It states on the can that pets should not to be in the area while the oven is being cleaned, and that pets should be removed from the area until the smoke and fumes dissipate. So now I no longer clean my oven with my pets around.

My experience with the oven cleaner has been an eye opener for me. I now read labels on products and make sure I use them properly. I also make sure that I store my cleaners, paints and pesticides where my kids can’t reach them. Learn more about using toxics and pesticides safely and about protecting your pets from pesticides and toxics .

Don’t hesitate to share your other Pick 5 tips on how you save water, commute without polluting , save electricity , reduce, reuse, recycle , test your home for radon and how do you check your local air quality.

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About the author: Denise Owens has worked at EPA for over twenty years. She is currently working in the Office of Public Affairs in Washington, DC.