UK Homeowners Urged to Act on Radon Risk of Natural Radioactive Gas Seeping into Homes

Thousands more homeowners in the Westcountry have been advised to take action over a natural radioactive gas that seeps into homes across the region.

Cornwall, Devon and Somerset are hotspots for radon, a colourless and odourless naturally occurring gas, thanks chiefly to the geology of the Westcountry and its granite moorlands. It is responsible for an estimated 1,100 lung cancer deaths a year.

After reviewing the latest scientific evidence, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has launched a new initiative to reduce concentrations of radon in UK homes.

It is maintaining its current “action level” for radon gas of 200 becquerels per cubic metre but has also introduced a new “target level” which is half that amount.

The new measure has been introduced after research provided scientists with a greater understanding of the risks to health of exposure to radon below the action level.

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