Radon: The Undetected Killer

Your home could pose a threat to your health without you even knowing it.

Radon is estimated to cause thousands of lung cancer deaths in the U.S. each year.

A potential killer could be lurking in your home.

Kevin Siers, Radon Mitigation Contractor says, “that’s the bad thing about radon. There are no warning signals.”

Siers tests for the radio-active gas in homes around the Mid-Ohio Valley.

He says, “radon is a gas that comes from decaying uranium under the soil.”

Most people only test when buying or selling a home, but the Environmental Protection Agency suggests otherwise.

Siers adds, “we all should get our homes tested for radon every 2 years as the EPA suggests.”

Testing is simple: It takes anywhere from two to 90 days. The contractor simply comes to your home, sets up the radon detector, and comes back for the results.

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