Radon TEE's Youngest Supporter

October 21, 2010

Dearest Jacob,

How great it was to see you in Columbus, Ohio, at the International Radon Symposium when you presented CanSAR with your extremely generous check for $1,055.00! You have certainly surpassed any single individual’s donation this year to CanSAR, and your name will be place on our website as a very special contributor. Your video presentation, which accompanied your donation, was without a doubt the highlight of the Sunday night reception!

I truly enjoyed your Charity Birthday Party and felt very privileged to be a part of it. Jacob you are an amazing guy, and the members of CanSAR are very appreciative of the part you are playing in the Radon TEE campaign to help save lives through Radon awareness, testing and mitigation. Your enthusiasm for life and for helping others is very contagious!

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