Radon in Tap Water Worries Chelsea, CA Residents

Some residents in Chelsea, Que., are spending thousands of dollars to rid their drinking water of radioactive gas.

Radon gas forms naturally from the breakdown of uranium in the ground and seeps up through basements and cracks in the foundation of houses.

Chelsea resident Dugald Seely installed a specialized ventilation system to remove radon when he moved to the area, but he said the gas was still getting into his house. That’s when he began to suspect his well water.

“Many houses won’t have this as an issue, but I think it’s worth checking,” Seely said. “Especially when there are kids that are going through development and are at high risk.”

A U.S. lab tested his water and found high radon levels. While the water is safe to drink, Seely said running the taps releases radon into the air.

Charlotte Barrette-Brisson, a Montreal-based radon mitigation expert, said she was “surprised” to learn radon is being released through the taps.

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