Radon in Groundwater from India- A Brief Report

Presence of high levels of Radon (222 Rn) has been reported from groundwater in Bangalore city, Keolari-Nainpur area, Seoni-Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh, Bhatinda, Gurdaspur, Garhwal, Himachal Pradesh and Siwalik Himalayas and underground waters of the Doon valley in India.

To ascertain the ground reality and the nature of the hazards, if any, a study was conducted by the Central Ground Water Board, Bangalore in and around Bangalore city. The analytical results of all the groundwater samples collected from the gneissic and granitic rocks shows Radon concentration is above the permissible limit of 11.83 Bq/l and at places the concentration is as high as hundred times. The radon gas is occurring in the groundwater of the area ranging from 55.96 Bq/l to 1189.30 Bq/l plus or minus error values.