MN RLI – RRNC Training

In Minnesota we have a state wide building code that has the provisions of the International Residential Code (IRC) Appendix F. We have created what we have coined “the Gold Standard for Radon Resistant New Construction”. We recently held a training as part of the Radon Leaders Initiative (RLI) mini-grant.

RLI Training:
We held a training that was well attended; we had about 64 participants in our one day training. We spend the morning session on what the new code requirements are mandating the builders to install, the short falls of appendix F and the Gold Standard to make sure that their homes are truly “radon resistant”. The afternoon session we teach them how to be better communicators and the basic principles of risk communication.

If you are interested in the materials that we supply to the contractors contact me by email and I will send them to you: