Minden Resident Takes Radon Cure

Minden resident Denise Uber has been regularly testing her home for radon, a radioactive gas that’s reported to be the main cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers, since she purchased it.

But when she came back with a positive test in January she had one response.

“Fix it!” she wrote on a note attached to her test results.

Uber’s radon levels were slightly below the minimum set by the federal government until she decided to do some remodeling.

The Hearthstone home was built on a concrete slab back in 2005, and Uber said the floor caused her back problems.

“I have a chiropractor on retainer,” she said.

So she decided to pull out the carpet in her main room and replace it with a floating wood floor.

The new floor helped her back, but when she tested for radon again, the levels rose to 4 picoCuries per liter, right at the action guideline recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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