Looking for studies on residential high-rises- ventilation and/or radon

Friends and colleagues:

I am looking for any data of ventilation rates in residential high-rise buildings, and possible radon in them, for a literature review and short paper.

I have two studies now, by Tom Pugh of FL A&M (5 buildings, 5 units) and Bill Brodhead working in NC (1 building, 5 units). They both show low ventilation and elevated radon levels in units above the 3rd floor. The source is likely to be concrete, but I’d like to find more data.

Florida’s radon office also has radon data from around 1,000 tests conducted above the 3rd floor. A third of those tests found radon levels >4 pCi/L. Some owners have reportedly used ventilation (ERVs) to lower their radon levels.

Please share with me anything you know of other ventilation or radon tests in residential high-rise buildings. Also, feel free to re-post this on any other science list-serves.


Henry Slack
U.S. EPA Region 4
Atlanta, GA