How to Keep Your Basement Dry and Illuminated

Most basements are used mainly for storage. By clearing out all the junk down there and fixing it up nice, this great space can be used to dramatically increase the usable living space in your home at a very low cost. Remodeling an existing basement is considerably cheaper than adding onto your home by thousands of dollars. A basement can be used for anything. You can transform your downstairs dungeon into a lively entertainment area, living room, gym or anything else you have in mind.

Not every basement is a good candidate for being remodeled into a living space. You will need to consider how to control moisture, adding ventilation and light, and finding a way around hanging drain lines, ductwork and wiring. Most of the work can be done yourself, but some of it will need the attention of an experienced professional.

The most important factor in remodeling your basement is keeping it dry down there. Most water problems are caused by roof runoff.

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