Home Sale Moves Forward Despite Radon Mixup

GROTON — A local property owner narrowly avoided a collapse of the pending sale of his home last Monday night when the Board of Health voted to approve a variance to the town’s bylaws regarding a 30-day notification of changes in the status of radon in the well water.

Although homeowner John Spead was not present at the hearing, he was represented by his real-estate agent, who explained the situation.

All was going well with the sale of the home at 50 Hoyts Wharf Road, the agent said, until the failure of a water pump a couple weeks before a deal to sell the home was due to close. The pump, attached to the home’s well, was swiftly repaired but could not be restarted for a week.

That alone was not enough to upset the pending sale. What did upset the sale was that a water aerator treatment system was also attached to the well to treat the water for radon.

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