Evaluation Program Helps ID Lung Cancer Risks

Delaware Countians at high risk of developing lung cancer may have recently gotten another lease on life.

Thanks to Dr. Raymond J. Vivacqua, medical director of the Crozer Regional Cancer Center, and his participating partners, an evaluation procedure called the Family Lung Assessment Program, which is accessible to all people, offers free identification surveys and low-cost CAT scans for specific populations in jeopardy of developing lung cancer.

“I’m hoping to reduce the number of people scanned so we target the people who need it,” Vivacqua said.

Although the program has been in formation over the past three years and a few studies and scans have been performed, the time has become appropriate for its unveiling, the hematologist/oncologist said.

“The perfect storm has occurred here,” Vivacqua said, highlighting the release of a study backed by the National Cancer Institute.

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