Engage With Us On Our New Draft Strategic Plan

Barbara Bennet, EPA Chief Financial Officer

Barbara Bennet, EPA Chief Financial Officer

Last November I was confirmed as EPA’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). For many people, I imagine my title conjures images of number crunching and spreadsheets (which are all certainly part of what I do). However, my experience in finance has taught me that numbers always tell a story.

In my role as EPA’s CFO, the numbers I look at every day help paint a picture of how EPA accomplishes its mission and goals throughout the year. One way we are able to tell a story here at EPA is through the Agency’s five-year Strategic Plan. This Plan is our way of communicating the framework for our environmental programs, the plans for our budget resources, and the progress we have made on our priorities to the U.S. public.

I am delighted to announce that the Draft FY 2011-2015 Strategic Plan is now available for your review and comment, and I invite you to engage and share your thoughts and ideas with us from now through July 30:

  • Read, review, comment, and review other comments on the Plan at www.regulations.gov (copy and paste docket number EPA-HQ-OA-2010-0486 into the search box).
  • Share your ideas on EPA’s new Cross-Cutting Fundamental Strategies on our Discussion Forum. We will be hosting a dialogue around a different Cross-Cutting Fundamental Strategy each week!

The Draft Plan presents measurable environmental and human health goals that EPA will work to achieve over the next five years. The Draft Plan also includes five Cross-Cutting Fundamental Strategies, which are integral in guiding how EPA will work to accomplish our goals, and which also foster a renewed commitment to accountability, openness, and inclusion.

I look forward to reading your ideas on the Draft Strategic Plan and how we can fundamentally change the way EPA works to protect our environment and human health in our communities, our nation, and beyond.

About the author: Barbara Bennett is EPA’s Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining EPA, she served as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Discovery Communications, Inc. She lives in Virginia with her husband and two children.