American National Standard Announced by AARST for Multifamily Radon Measurements

This morning, at the joint meeting day of the 22nd International Radon Symposium and the National Radon Training Meeting, AARST President William Angell announced that the AARST Consortium on National Radon Standards has released and published the long awaited American National Stanard on Protocols for Conducting Radon and Radon Decay Measurements in Multifamily Buildings. (MAMF-2010)

The recently approved ANSI-AARST radon standard provides specific protocols that include instructions on where to test, strategies for conducting reliable tests, and the reporting and associated quality control measurement technigues for testing radon in multi-family buildings.

This is the first consensus standard promulgated as an ANSI consensus standard by the AARST Consortium on National Radon Standards.

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