10th International Workshop in Prague, Czech Republic

10th International Workshop on the Geological Aspects of Radon Risk Mapping
September 22nd – 25th, 2010
Prague, Czech Republic

Workshop Topics:
– Radon Mapping
– National Strategies, Approaches To Radon Risk
– Methods Of Measurements, Classification Of Radon Risk
– Indoor Radon – Geology Relationships, Factors Influencing The Radon Entry Into Houses
– Radon Risk – Preventive Measures And Remediation
– Radon Measurements For Other Purposes (Earthquake Prediction, Radon As A Natural Tracer, Mining Areas, Uranium Prospection)

September 19th (Sunday) – Registration for RIM (5:00-7:00pm)
September 20th (Monday) – Registration for RIM (8:00-9:30am), Field Measurements
September 21st (Tuesday) – Field Measurements, Registration for Workshop (5:00-8:00pm)
September 22nd (Wednesday) – Registration for Workshop (8:00-9:30am), Sessions
September 23rd (Thursday) – Sessions, Workshop Dinner

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